Born To Be Run

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Born To Be Run was a story arc in Dave Van Domelen's Classic LNH series Dvandom Force #62-65, revealing the revised origin of Kid Macro. Following in the wake of the massive Grand Tour, it was a short and sweet, character-centered story that riffed on Mark Waid's first Flash arc, Born to Run – which ran from issues 62-65 of its own series.


Born To Be Run is the story of Doug Ellis, teenager from the downwardly-mobile small town of Clue Valley, Net.braska, who idolized the local hero Macroman. Abducted by the Sapster, he was transformed into Macroman's sidekick Kid Macro! But when his beloved hero and mentor dies, his life falls apart completely. Can he recover and step up to the plate to become a net.hero worthy of the one who inspired him?

The final issue, #65, was a retroactive crossover with Robot Invasion.

The end of the succeeding storyarc, The Sig.Files, revealed there was a good deal more to Macroman's history and motivations than meets the eye. (Which is of course thoroughly spoiled by his article <or will be when we edit that in>. Such is life.)