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Net.braska is a state in the Loonited States of Ame.rec.a (see Net.names). A Great Plains state, its major exports include corn, soybeans, and cracks in the fabric of spacetime.

The mysterious Omaha Project was centered near the capital city of the state, in a secret installation beneath a cornfield. The LNH came to the area to investigate the confusing phenomenon, and got engaged in events...

As well, many net.heroes started their careers here. Kid Macro grew up in Clue Valley, Net.braska, and fought some minor net.villains there inbetween visits to the larger Net.braskan metropolis of Keystroke City – which, in turn, was defended by Macroman. Anal-Retentive Archive Kid was raised in Powercable, Net.braska before joining the LNH. Cheeezarr and Makkaroni spent some time there after they'd lost their memories, only regaining them when RoboMACs attacked during the Robot Invasion.

Necessary Evils was set in Nebraska (Jesse Willey not being a big fan of net.names) – specifically, in the islands off the coast of Nebraska (Jesse being a fan of silly details).