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Makkaroni is a net.hero created by Kyle Lucke.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Kyle Lucke
Status: Leader of C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps
Usability: Usable With Permission


Makkaroni was Cheeezarr's sidekick, and was brought along with him to the Looniverse by the cosmic entity Freon to stop the schemes of Limburger Lad and his mentor, the Flying.Altogether.Too.Naked.Villain. But the FATNV used his Trident of Power to deem him insignificant, and he disappeared.

A couple of years later, an amnesiac Cheeezarr met up with a similarly memory-less man calling himself Mac on a farm in Net.braska. When RoboMACs attacked, they regained their memories and powers. Makkaroni became part of the C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps when Freon brought them together, but unexpectedly became leader when Cheeezarr seemed to have died.


Heroic! Has some self-doubt, especially where leadership is concerned, but mostly keeps things together.

Powers and Abilities

Converts starchy foods to energy immediately, giving him super-speed.


Wears a red costume with a C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps logo on the left shoulder.