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Cheeezarr is a net.hero created by Kyle Lucke.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Masked Man, Chuck Darrow
Primary Writer: Kyle Lucke
Status: Apparently deceased; former member of the LNH (Classic Team), former leader of C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps
Usability: Reserved


Some time ago, a young man was faced with a villain who threatened to turn all cheese into Velveeta. The cosmic entity Freon offered him the chance to become a hero, the Frigidaire to the Universe! He accepted, becoming Cheeezarr!

He gained a sidekick, Makkaroni, and Freon sent him to the Looniverse to stop the schemes of his arch-nemesis, Limburger Lad, and his mentor, Flying.Altogether.Too.Naked.Villain. But it was revealed that LL was actually Cheeezarr's dark side, and the two fused to become the Masked Man.

Months later, Limburger Lad split off again, retreating into a new body to continue his schemes. Cheeezarr's memory was lost until he met up with Makkaroni again and defended himself during the Robot Invasion. He formed the C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps, bringing together the heroes that Freon had empowered. But because of a plot by Limburger Lad, Cheeezarr vanished in a CheeezExplosion with BoviCheeezarr, and is presumed dead.

Since his death, has been hanging out in the RACCCafe, waiting tables and getting on-panel time where he can.


Cheeezarr was very concerned about doing the right thing. His partner and team (C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps) were among his highest priorities, second only to defeating super-villains everywhere.

Powers and Abilities

Able to control and manipulate CheeezEnergy to provide various powers. Among them, flight, teleportation (via CheeezWarps), and a danger detection sense.

Former possessor of the Camembert Coils, which allow the wearer to manipulate CheeezEnergy; he internalized the power, and the Coils were given to Kid Cheeezarr.


Cheeezarr wore a red and blue costume emblazoned with a wedge of cheddar cheese on the chest. A blue cape completed the outfit. Originally, the glowing yellow Camembert Coils lay on his wrists.

As the Masked Man, wore a black mask over his eyes.