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JONG is a Classic LNH series written by Arthur Spitzer. It stars the Slobbering Grue!, and is a clearinghouse for the goofiest and weirdest of Arthur's creative impulses.

Where to Read

The first five issues can be found on the Eyrie Archive over here.

As well, the original series was reposted on RACC leading up to issue #69:

  • #1 - The Slobbering Grue! battles mimes! In an alley!
  • #2 - Stuff written before Arthur Spitzer discovered the LNH! Slobbering! runs for President! Wondersocks! And a tale of a failed utopia!
  • #3 - Slobbering!'s LNH membership is rejected! All the while a supervillain named Plum Master is wreaking havoc in Espanola!
  • #pi - Slobbering! attempts to stop Plum Master! And Self-Righteous Preacher decides to take a trip to Espanola!
  • #4 - Self-Righteous Preacher battles Slobbering Grue! and has a flash back to his Legion of Net.Hippies days!
  • #5 - A Robot Invasion crossover! Slobbering! battles Dumpster-TRON!
  • #69 - An Elsewhirl which depicts the Slobbering Grue!'s final adventure!