Slobbering Grue!

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Slobbering Grue! is a net.hero, sort of created by Arthur Spitzer. Not to be confused with Ur-Grue.
Alter Ego: J. Slobbering Grue!
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Probably drunk in some universe
Usability: Free For Use


Originally hailed from the early proto-MMORPG-ish social game known as Avatar. Hangs around the ridiculous city of Espanola, Net.xico. Applied to the LNH and was roundly rejected, but ended up there anyway after a confusing situation involving phone psychics, Self-Righteous Preacher, and the evils of the Plum Master.

In the alt.ernate timeline of Looniverse-69, he sacrificed himself to save the world from his Oddball Legion counterpart in a really ridiculous and gross way.

Has also shown up in the non-LNH webcomic Ripping Off King Arthur.


Very silly. A slobbering slob.

Powers and Abilities

...slob ...ber?


A short green toadlike man in striped boxer shorts.

The Slobbering Grue! in "Grue Zone"! By Arthur Spitzer, from Ripping Off King Arthur #229