Self-Righteous Preacher

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Self-Righteous Preacher is a net.hero (theoretically) created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Elijah Deacon
Aliases: Vice
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Legion of Net.Hippies, official LNH chaplain.
Usability: Not Reserved


He joined the LNH back in the late sixties, when it called itself the Legion of Net.Hippies. He helped expose then-leader Anti-Christ Lad's plan to harvest the souls of Net.ropolis, and helped his teammates send the demon back into hell.

Afterwards, he disappeared, not returning until just before the Woody Incident. After the scandal happened, he became constantly at odds with Panta and her fellow Net.Patrollers.

In 1997, Anti-Christ Lad, or Ole Scratch as he now called himself, began to chip away at the Preacher's morals until the Preacher's evil side, called Vice, took control of his body. Ole Scratch took over completely when the Preacher was assassinated during the Saviors of the Net crossover. The Preacher would eventually shake free from Ole Scratch's control and return to his charming self.


Self-righteous. Far, far, far right; so far right, in fact, he makes Pat Buchanan look like a commie sympathizer.

It's not actually clear which version of Christianity Self-Righteous Preacher subscribes to. His American nationality, comparisons to TV evangelists like Pat Buchanan and Jerry Falwell, and title of "Preacher" suggest some splinter-form of Evangelical Protestantism.

Powers and Abilities

Can crusade relentlessly against anything he disagrees with.


Like a preacher; wears black with some white, including a priest's collar and a black hat. Has great hair and an excellent singing voice.


Megachurch Man, created by an imperfect-duplicating ray, considers himself the Preacher's "son". His Looniverse-69 counterpart is the president of the Usenetted States. In that timeline he has a daughter, Non-Judgmental Agnostic, due to a prank involving WikiBoy and an immaculate conception.