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WikiBoy is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: None fixed
Aliases: Variable
Primary Writer: None
Status: Depends on the latest edit; usually a member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use (naturally)


WikiBoy became a member of the LNH, and was almost immediately used as a combination of comic relief and plot device.

During Beige Midnight, he was instrumental in stopping Hex Luthor from gaining the power of the Cosmic Plot Device – by being edited into a piece of the device, and reverted at a critical moment. Similarly, when the LNH was infected with a virus that was turning them into Dorfs, WikiBoy was edited into being able to cure individuals while the Legion hunted for the Dorfs' weakness.

Over time, he built bonds of respect with some members of the Legion. He grew as an individual, separate from his edits, and ended up joining The Core LNH.

During WikiLull, after a number of shenanigans involving clones, duplicates, and alternate-future versions of himself, he absorbed the Apathy Beast. His abilities changed (see below) and he gained more Protagonist Energy, but he still continued to be a source, and a victim, of humorous shenanigans.

When the terrible circumstances of Real Life impinged on the Looniverse, Kid Occultism Kid recruited WikiBoy for a journey to the cosmic realms, convincing the powers that be to transform these events into something more Comedic; when they returned, it had become a sabertooth pandemic!

At the end of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!...


Originally, he was a completely passive recipient of comedic abuse (see the original How To Write Wikiboy, tho content warning for sexual violence). Over time, grew into a person with more complex relationships with other people, though is still fairly passive.

Overall, tries to take his strange fate with good humor, but gets frustrated at those who abuse his powers, though he tends not to express this directly. Conversely, is quite grateful to those who take his own opinions and preferences into account. As he gains more autonomy, he has begun to express his frustrations more openly, though still in a fairly gentle way.

Powers and Abilities

Has the ability to be edited by any LNH member, changing his physical attributes, powers, and abilities, as well as outward personality. Said edits are achieved by saying, for instance, "WikiBoy, you're a truck," causing him to transform into a truck. These edits may be reverted at any time, and other wiki-esque changes may be performed, including page locks and temporary account bans.

After absorbing the Apathy Beast, he gained the ability to ignore edits, tho it still takes an effort of will. He may or may not have the ability to edit himself, but has avoided experimenting with this.

At some point, became an in-universe keeper of the LNH Wiki by name association, successor to the roster-keeping LNHers of old.[1] Because of this, he sometimes wears the WikiScouter, a device with a direct connection to the wiki's database.


Variable. Usually male.

Descriptions include:

  • "young-ish, male-ish, with a confused and vulnerable air to him. But beyond that his appearance was hard to pin down. Or rather, he seemed to be a lot of things potentially at once."
  • "remarkably like Tobey Maguire, but shorter, schlubbier, and with a beaver's tail"


WikiMan is an alternate-future self of his from Looniverse-Bael. WikiCide, Axen Kiwi, and wIkimus Maximus are all duplicates of him.


In the 2006 RACCies, WikiBoy won Favorite Hero/Protagonist and Favorite Supporting Character, winning the latter again in 2008. He also received a single last-place vote in the 2007 LNH Election.



  1. Which makes him a kind of joint Writer Character of Drew and Jeanne, we guess?