Black Halo

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The Black Halo is a death god created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Searching Looniverse-A
Usability: Not Reserved


One of the gods of another world, in another multiverse you may have heard of...

This Earth [was] in, let's say, a multiversal catastrophe, a generic one, not any secret war in particular. They had made a deal with, uh, a demon, who had been impersonating a member of the multiversal bureaucracy, to win the war with the Earth--ruled by an alternate universe version of Asgard--that had been in the process of colliding with theirs, a war whose object was to control the reality altering device known as the World Changer (which was built around the other Asgard's Ring of the Nibelung, but never mind that). Both Earths were destroyed, and the Black Halo and their divine family (who were vaguely inspired by the Black Moon Clan from Sailor Moon) were swept into another Earth along with the World Changer and the Valkyrie who had been set to protect it from them. [...] In the new multiverse they became part of the Wyrd Zone, a part of the Asgard of the prime Earth which had been warped by the multiversal catastrophe.
[...] The Black Halo and their divine family were defeated by the Valkyrie and main-Earth Asgard's heroes, they turned against the demon to fight them together, and the Black Halo was able to resurrect the gods from their Earth. They and their people stayed in the Wyrd Zone of Asgard, using the World Changer to make it more habitable, and they were instrumental in a rebellion against a corrupted Odin who wanted the power of the World Changer for himself and was actually [not saying in case I actually write this damn thing someday] in disguise.
Jeanne Morningstar, Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #18

They were pulled into the Classic Looniverse for unknown reasons during the sabertooth crisis, immediately taking on Imperilus before accidentally resurrecting Scary Ghost Lass, then being hopped forward thru time. (It was a very confusing day for them.) When they returned, they were swept towards the Net.ropolis Bandshell, and the great battle happening there...

After this, they discovered that their family and their city were somewhere in the Looniverse, and they sped off in search of them!


A combination of a peak-Lee/Kirby late Silver Age comics villain and a Sailor Moon villain. They are wildly overdramatic and prone to mood swings, speaking in that Silver Age Thor kind of declaiming register.

Powers and Abilities

Has the ability to channel the energies of the dead that are connected to them. It is said that, at the height of their power, they wielded the abilities of almost all the gods and superhuman inhabitants of their Earth, whose essence they held inside them. When they arrived in the Classic Looniverse, they had the ability to draw on the powers of the dead LNHers who had statues in the Hall of Lost Heroes.

They can also fly, and have vague energy manipulation powers – indicated visually by, of course, halos of black "light" around their hands.


They wear a black armored costume with elegant ornamental patterning in blue lines and a dramatic cape. They are dark-skinned Latinx and wear dark blue lipstick and nail polish.


The Black Halo was, perhaps obviously, a character who originated in one of Jeanne Morningstar's many unwritten/unfinished fanfic storylines (from the same series they were working on in The Liminals #3.5).