Occultism Kid

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Occultism Kid II is a net.hero created by Josh Geurink.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


A young man took up meditation to manage his anxiety. This lead him to discovering the ways of magic, and while he refused to join the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade due to not wanting to get caught up in their drama, it did lead him to the original Occultism Kid.

The young man became his apprentice, and by the time the original Kid died in the Cry.Sig, he was a master of the occult. He took his mentor's place, becoming the second Occultism Kid, and the LNH's resident expert on magick.

Charged by the Dvandom Stranger with retrieving the Net.ronomicon from alt.horror.cthulhu, Occultism Kid built a techno-magickal interdimensional travel device, the TANDI. But the TANDI malfunctioned, which caused the original Occultism Kid to return to life (similar to the effects of the Reversion Ray Projector). He retired and took the name "The August One," becoming the second Occultism Kid's mentor. However, in time, the August One died a more natural death, and entered the cycle of reincarnation.

In Beige Countdown, Occultism Kid was manipulated by Bart the Dark Receptionist into opening the Book of Deus ex Machinas, liberating the Bryttle Brothers. He felt great guilt over this, and fought to find a way to stop the Bryttles, ending up with him taking a cosmic journey inside the Insanity Gauntlet. Within, he struggled with his own sanity and the temptation of taking the pragmatic-but-unethical way out. In the end, he managed to find a third option, using every bit of cosmic force at his disposal to create hope for the Looniverse.

He took a long vacation after that. Afterwards, he took up training Kid Occultism Kid, the reincarnation of the original. But when the power of Neme.sys threatened the world, he had to make another hard choice, giving Ultimate Ninja a token for the Cosmic Bus so he could leave their fictional reality, transcending and becoming part of the imagination of the Real World, and helping recruit Nina Yamashiro as his replacement.

This weighed heavily on his mind.


Easygoing. A bit shy unless dealing with matters of the mystical.

Powers and Abilities

Master of all things occult, with considerable mystic powers, including the ability to command demons. He is owner of a number of items of power, including the TANDI and a trenchcoat which can levitate and serve as a weapon.


Wears a long brown trenchcoat, usually over casual clothes.


Though well-liked by his fellow LNHers, Occultism Kid seems to have few close friends, notably wReamhack and Obscure Trivia Lad. His room in the LNHQ is guarded by a cantankerous demon, the Door Warden. At one point he had a running feud with Master Blaster which turned into more of a friendly rivalry; they frequently trained against each other in the Peril Room.

Kid Occultism Kid is his apprentice.