Legion of Occult Heroes

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Legion of Occult Heroes is a Classic LNH series (with Net.Trenchcoat Brigade flavoring, and kind of the first Lunaverse series depending on how you look at it) by Paul Hardy. It tells a Vertigo-esque tale of members of another, more mystical LNH, who have been transplanted from their native world into the Looniverse.

Besides introducing the titular trenchcoaters, it provided signficant character development for a number of LNH characters such as Occultism Kid and Token Girl, introducing the former's Door Warden and the latter's Totoro plushie. It provided the most significant role for Bicycle Repair Lad before Beige Midnight (including the revelation that he was secretly American).

Where to Read

LOH can be found on the Eyrie Archive over here.



LOH is very well-regarded, winning RACCies:Favorite Series, RACCies:Favorite Acraphobe/Adult, and Accies:Favorite Series. #4 won RACCies:Favorite Single Issue as well.