Bicycle Repair Lad

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Bicycle Repair Lad is a net.hero created by Chris Hare.
Alter Ego: F.G. Superboy
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Paul Hardy, Arthur Spitzer
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), mechanical repairman for the LNHQ
Usability: Not Reserved


Born from a Monty Python sketch, Bicycle Repair Lad... repairs bicycles. He became a member of the LNH during the rarely-mentioned "LNH International" fiasco. He is, in fact, an American, though he avoids revealing this.

At one point, he took over alt.comedy.british and attempted to absorb all the humor on the Net; however, this was actually due to mind-control by the Incorporate Conspiracy.

Bicycle Repair Lad witnessed his archnemesis Hexadecimal Luthor using the Cosmic Reset Button to become President. He attempted to warn the LNH about this, but was mostly ignored; however, Hex, becoming increasingly paranoid, threw BRL into one of his secret prisons. This proved to be unwise; BRL's taunts slowly drove Hex to doubt and confusion, and both the LNH and the Legion of Net.Villains attacked the secret prison to break him out.


Eager to please. Something of a flop as a hero. Distinct British accent.

Powers and Abilities

Ability to repair bicycles. Control over aspects of British humour. Possibly some superboy powers.


Remarkably like Eric Idle in a Superman suit.