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Most known versions of the LNH have a headquarters, a base of operations from which they conduct their heroing (or for the various evil alternate LNHes, villaining), often known as the LNHQ. This is not surprising.

However, evidence has come up to reveal that, on a higher-dimensional level, many and perhaps all of the of the LNHQs are linked. Notably, many LNHQs are places that attract heroes and strange phenomena; many of them were created through strange supernatural processes or their creation was not witnessed; and strangest of all, many, and possibly all, LNHQs have a series of sub-sub-sub-etc.-basements which not only seem to go on endlessly, but interact with other-dimensional space; occasionally, net.heroes have gone down into the sub-basements and come back up to find themselves in a completely different world's LNHQ!

System Corruptors #24b suggests that the LNHQ is itself sentient, a creature from a higher dimension that feeds on heroic emotions, while Stranger Tales #5 says that it's a locus of magical energy that attracts heroes. The LNH Setup Kit is the origin of the LNHQ in Looniverse-Y; the revelation in Saviors of the Net #12.5 that Boy Lad had founded the Legion after finding a suspiciously familiar briefcase suggests it may be the origin of the LNHQ in all worlds – but the Classic LNHQ has a long history that goes back before Boy Lad. The truth is out there...

Specific LNHQs