LNH Setup Kit

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The LNH Setup Kit is, apparently, a standardized kit for setting up a new LNH franchise. It contains a bottle of LNHQ Pills, a book called Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The LNH But Were Afraid To Ask by St. wReavenger Van Saxdrippseel McHuberyike III, a Fragment of the Last Deus ex Machina, and the New LNH Member Detector.

The Mysterious Shadowy Messing-With-Destiny Dude was supposed to deliver Looniverse-Y's LNH Setup Kit to Greef Graves, but accidentally gave it to Greeve Gaines, AKA Kid Kicked-Out.

According to one account[1], in the Classic Looniverse, Boy Lad founded the prototypical version of the LNH after finding a briefcase with the letters "LNH" written on it, which may or may not have been an instantiation of the Kit.

See also the LNH Setup Kid.