Token Girl

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Token Girl is a net.hero created by Tara Lynn O'Shea.
Alter Ego: Tara Gill
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


   Cat was her oldest friend on the team, the one who'd inducted her as a net.hero, back before she even knew how to fight. Before the island. Back when she was just a college student, clueless but good at snappy comebacks, whose only power was attracting weirdos. Time and time again, back in her high school and college days, the few people who noticed her were profoundly strange. People constantly walked up to her while she was sitting down trying to read and struck up awkward conversations about their obsessions. Her first boyfriend, for example, had seemed nice and normal and nonthreatening enough but he was actually a vampire who also happened to be one of the world's most famous stamp collectors.
   This was all right up to a point, since she had to admit she could be pretty weird herself. But when the net.heroes and net.villains had come along, she'd started running into them constantly in her daily life one of them had come by every day when she worked as a cashier in a convenience store. Eventually, after it had been destroyed by the inevitable brawl, Catalyst Lass, who she'd made friends with, had convinced her to just go ahead and join the LNH. Back then, there hadn't been a whole lot of female net.heroes, so she took the name "Token Girl." Since then her life, if not normal, at least had had a consistent level of strangeness. She'd enjoyed a lot of it, but sometimes it was deeply, deeply frustrating.
  —FLASH! LNH Comics Presents Monthly #3: Chicks in Space Part 1

She coincidentally joined the LNH shortly after the LNH encountered her evil counterpart in a mirror Looniverse. Soon afterwards, she went through some kind of ordeal on an island where she learned how to fight, which will no doubt be the source of many dramatic flashbacks in the future.

She became a recurring secondary member of the team. During Retcon Hour, Tara was a contestant in the pageant to become the RACCelestial Madonna, but her true role came in a drinking contest against the Chuggernaut. Going on an anime fangirl shopping trip with Leviathan Lass, she found a life size Totoro plushie which remains one of her most precious possessions.

In recent years she's become more of a street-level-oriented social-justice-y hero (while still often being on the forefront whenever weird cosmic stuff comes up). She has clashed a number of times with the League of Net.Assassins, and ended up temporarily gaining the abilities of the Powernaut during WikiLull.

During the sabertooth pandemic, she was one of the LNHers who helped patrol for sabertooth incursions and clean up their poop, and spent her off-time grappling with her unstated romantic feelings for Catalyst Lass. When all the plots came together at the Net.ropolis Bandshell, she was pulled along for the ride, and ended up in another cosmic drinking contest against DeltaKiwi Megantereon, winning— and dying in the attempt.


Strong-willed and argumentative. Has a strong sense of social justice. Tends to be the "normal one" among a bunch of weirdos. Pulls out snappy comebacks with ease. Loves 90s anime, and reluctantly enjoys the newer stuff sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

Able to attract weirdos. Has a wide breadth of knowledge of her interests, especially anime. Shoots exploding bus tokens from her slingshot. Champion drinker of the Legion, even able to beat Frat Boy's ability to hold alcohol.


Brunette with blue eyes. Wears big stompy boots and a denim jacket covered with buttons.


She has strong friendships with a number of net.heroes, including Catalyst Lass. She dated and broke up with Sarcastic Lad multiple times; they agreed to call it quits permanently, and are still friends (inasmuch as Sarc has friends who aren't fellow dirtbags).

Alternate-universe counterparts include the evil Token Girl of the Mirror Looniverse and the Tara Gill who runs a bar in Looniverse-Dantalion.