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Chuggernaut is a net.villain created by Arthur Spitzer and Jeff McCoskey.
Alter Ego: Paul Tremens
Aliases: The Time Whino
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Active net.villain
Usability: Free For Use


During Retcon Hour, the Time Crapper snatched a mime, a clown, and a drunk off the street during a Clown/Mime gang war. Experimenting on them, he gave all three powers. The drunk, whose name was Paul Tremens, gained the power to tap into the Beer Commercial Zone. He was given the task of kidnapping the RACCelestial Madonna during the RACCelestial Madonna Pageant, but was defeated by all of the female LNH members dressed in swimsuits.

After Retcon Hour, he decided to go solo and committed various beer-related crimes around Net.ropolis. He fought Continuity Champ during a time when the Champ had depowered himself and lost.

During Infinite April, he was captured by an LNH led by You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough Lad. Mynabird helped free him from of the LNH holding cells, and he joined up with the Legion of Net.Villains during Beige Countdown and Beige Midnight.


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Powers and Abilities

He can tap into the Beer Commercial Zone, which allows him to do anything that can be done in a Beer Commercial. The Drunker he becomes the more Powerful he becomes. There is a point where he becomes so drunk that he shifts from the human Time Whino into the Beer Commercial Elemental Chuggernaut form. As time goes by, it takes less and less alcohol to cause him to change into the Chuggernaut.

Non-Alcoholic Beer is his biggest weakness. One drop of the stuff can cause him to go back to his powerless Paul Tremens persona. As well, he needs to occasionally drink a real beer (as opposed to the fake Beer Commercial beers his powers can create), because remaining sober for too long a time also causes him to revert back to Paul Tremens.


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His Looniverse-69 counterpart became the Vice President of the Usenetted States to Self-Righteous Preacher's president, and was repeatedly arrested for bank robbery while holding the office.