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Mynabird is a net.villain created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Ollie
Aliases: Easily-Discovered Bran Mite
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer and Rob Rogers
Status: Former leader of the Legion of Net.Villains
Usability: Usable With Permission


The Easily-Discovered Bran Mite first appeared back in 1994 in the Mid.Net Star 20th Anniversary Special. He wouldn't make another appearance (not counting the out-of-continuity RACCCafe) until 2007, in the Infinite Leadership Crisis event, where he returned as the mysterious villain called Mynabird.

Originally, he was just an ordinary mite living in a box of Easily-Discovered Bran Flakes, until one tragic day, his entire civilization was wiped out by a packet of Easily-Discovered Brand Sweetener, a powerful arachnicide. While the arachnicide killed everyone he loved, its effect on him was completely different, giving him powers and increasing his lifespan considerably. For the next thirteen years, he would plot about how to destroy Easily-Discovered Man Lite, who he blamed for the death of his entire civilization (and who was completely unaware that he existed).

In LNH Comics Presents #500, he returned in a man-sized mechanical suit as the villain called Mynabird. Using some connections he had with the Church of the Fourth Wall, he led a group of Easily-Discovered Man rogues, called the Surreptitious Seven, to storm the LNHQ and break out all of the villains being held there. (Cannon Fodder reluctantly helped him, since the LNHQ had been taken over by the LNH Robot Duplication Machine's Evil Robot Duplicates‏‎.) After freeing all of the prisoners, he and his massive supervillain army battled the Robot Duplicates and beat them. The public, blaming the LNH for the destruction caused by the battle, greeted Mynabird and his team as liberators and asked them to take charge of the city. The takeover of Net.ropolis lasted only a day before Mynabird lost control, but the true LNH returned and defeated Mynabird and his evil allies.

Mynabird managed to escape with a number of other villains, and brought together a huge villain team known as the Legion of Net.Villains. In the pages of Beige Countdown, he and a number of other villains attempted to help free a number of incredibly powerful villains held in an outer space prison called the Ultimate Black Hole.

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Supervillainously obsessed with revenge on Easily-Discovered Man Lite. All his actions are focused on achieving this goal. Beyond that, kind of ridiculous, though ruthless. More intelligent than he seems.

Powers and Abilities

He can be easily discovered. Also, incredibly strong for a mite (with about the strength of a human who is out of shape).

His Mynabird suit has a number of powers. No, I don't know how many.


A tiny glowing reddish speck with eight legs. The Mynabird armor has the appearance of an enormous humanoid shape in shining, highly-polished black armor, with a visor that has a pulsating yellow light constantly moving from one end to the other.