Sarcastic Lad

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Sarcastic Lad is a net.hero created by Gary St. Lawrence.
Alter Ego: Jo Nysegi
Aliases: Mr. Niceguy, Gary St. Lawrence
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of Saint Squad
Usability: Not Reserved


Jo Nysegi was a college student who made a deal with the demon Dahn Rrik Ulz to save the life of his psychology professor, Professor Eym A. Jeenyus. He was possessed by the sarcastic demon, but managed to wrest sufficient control such that he was only sarcastic to people who deserved it. (Mostly.) He decided to join the LNH after seeing a street sign that said "St. Lawrence" and thought, "I could join the LNH under the name Gary St. Lawrence! Who would ever think of Gary St. Lawrence as 'Mr. Niceguy'!"

He became a central member of the Legion, bringing his acerbic wit to every situation, including the ones where it was wholly inappropriate.

During Infinite April, the demon separated from Jo when Sarcastic Lad was made LNH leader. However, both disappeared at midnight, and when Jo came back, the demon didn't. In the never-posted epic Pigs in Hell, Jo and Master Blaster traveled to the underworld and recovered the demon, and afterward, Sarc was back on the job, doling out sarcasm whenever it is needed, and in some places where it isn't!


Micro-scrutinizes any situation. Caustic and belittling. Filled with braggadocio and swagger, and is very proud of his prowess with the opposite sex.

After he lost the demon, he reverted to a sensitive, emotionally confused state. After regaining it, it seemed like he was right back to where he had been, but after Master Blaster left the Legion, the facade crumbled, just a bit, and he ended up being emotionally honest every once in a while.

Powers and Abilities

Retorts stupidity in a sarcastic manner.


Wears red and black spandex. (Or, in The Death of Flatulence Lad, gold and black.)


Sarcastic Lad often hangs with Master Blaster and Frat Boy. Flatulence Lad was once his sidekick. He has a son, Gary Niceguy, though they're not particularly close.

His alternate-universe counterparts include Criticism Dude of the Rosterverse and the Sarcastic Lad of Looniverse-Focalor.