Frat Boy

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Frat Boy is a net.hero created by Uplink.
Alter Ego: Jack Daniels
Aliases: Fratman
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), sometime cook for the LNHQ, student emeritus at Dave Thomas Deluxe University
Usability: Not Reserved


A former sidekick of Steak and Potatoes Man, Frat Boy became a full-fledged member of the LNH somewhere offscreen, and became one of the Legion's quasi-official Party People.

At some point, he finished a bachelor's degree in literature.

Eventually, like many college students, he realized he wasn't straight. Recently, he started dating his own Oddball Legion counterpart, Fat Boy.


Drinks beer and plays pranks. Thinks he's cool. Often kind of insecure, clinging to a "herd" mentality, but can be very stubborn when he decides to stick to his guns. Doesn't like Wolverine very much.

Is somewhere on that whole spectrum of bisexual and pansexual and polysexual and such; usually just identifies as "queer" for simplicity's sake.

Powers and Abilities

Able to create "frat" foods and beer. Can influence his enemies into berating him for being immature (instead of, say, attacking). As a side-effect of this, he is eternally young-looking.


A short college-age kid with glasses. Wears a sweatshirt with Greek letters on it and jeans. Twinky.


Used to hang out a lot with Sarcastic Lad and Master Blaster. Good friends with (and somewhat protective of) Easily-Discovered Man Lite. Steak and Potatoes Man still acts as a mentor from time to time.

Has had a lot of one-night stands and friends-with-benefits, but relatively few long-term romantic partners. Formerly had a boyfriend called Frank, currently dating Fat Boy.