Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks

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Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks was a Classic LNH crossover between Glitch Girl and the Alt.Ter.Net.Tives, Pliable Lad, and the Sidekick Squad miniseries. It was written by Marie Antoon, Mike Escutia, and Peter Milan, with contributions by Matt Rossi, Martin Phipps, Rob Rogers, and Scavenger.


The chaos of Retcon Hour inspired several writers to do a limited crossover that was consciously planned out in advance.


The sidekicks-for-hire of Sidekicks'R'Us are going missing – until the Sidekick Squad are attacked by familiar faces in powered armor! Frank Marzan isn't talking, but when the Zomkicks try to capture Echo Lad and Glitch Girl, the LNH is on the trail of The Chessman! Kid Citrus! Confetti Girl! Stalker! The Alt.Ter.Net.Tives! All this plus Roger Rescue and more!


Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks won Accies:Favorite Arc and RACCies:Favorite Crossover in 1994.