Glitch Girl

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Glitch Girl is a net.hero created by Marie Antoon.
Alter Ego: Miriam "Mea" ("may-uh") Alton
Aliases: Tek Girl
Primary Writer: Marie Antoon
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the Alt.Ter.Net.Tives
Usability: Reserved


Once, a new hero named Tek Girl walked into Sidekicks'R'Us to sign up for a job as a sidekick. It turned out her powers were less about controlling technology and more about breaking it. The property damage and legal proceedings dealt a major blow to her confidence, and she tried to go home and live a normal life; but over a year later, she returned to Net.ropolis to join the LNH. Of course, this happened to be just as Webs Tor was bringing the Nutrionic Probability-Manipulator to fruition, and in the ensuing fracas, she became a member of both the LNH and the Alt.Ter.Net.Tives.

Facing Ultimate Ninja in the Peril Room for her initiation, she hacked the Peril Room and held out against him for 3 hours and 18 minutes, the record until he was finally bested by Merissa.

Not long after, Frank Marzan, head of Sidekicks'R'Us, claimed that he could pin over a million dollars in damages on her. When she went to confront him at his office, he gassed her and attempted to convert her into one of his Zomkicks. She glitched his equipment and escaped with Kid Citrus and Confetti Girl, accidentally transmatting away.

According to Easily-Discovered Man Lite, she eventually left to work for Microsoft.


Courageous, but low in self-confidence. Often apologetic.

Powers and Abilities

Glitch Aura™ that gives her limited control over electronics and mechanical devices, causing them to malfunction.


Taller than average, slender, with brown curly hair that reaches past her shoulders. Wears a classic-looking dark tan leather jacket, off-white shirt, khaki pants, boots, short gloves, and a mask over her eyes. A bright patch on her upper arm reads "GG".

When she applied to Sidekicks'R'Us as "Tek Girl", she wore a leather bomber jacket, black body suit, white boots and matching gloves edged in silver, with a large "TG" printed on her chest in silver-trimmed white letters. At the time, she wore her hair tied back in a ponytail.