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Sidekicks'R'Us is a business founded by Frank Marzan. It worked as a job agency for sidekicks; in theory, heroes could come if they needed sidekicks, and sidekicks could get the proper training (everyone had to take Sidekicking 101: Introduction to Always Agreeing With the Hero) and a way to be noticed that was far superior to the want ads.

But when the agency's fortunes went downhill, Marzan allied himself with The Chessman, offering up Sidekicks'R'Us employees to be turned into Zomkicks and using the Sidekick Ray to forcibly recruit people off the street. This lead to the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks.

After Marzan was arrested, it was taken over by his partner, Robin Grayson, who bought up fifty-one percent of the stock and pretended she hadn't known a thing about the Chessman or the Zomkicks.

Former Sidekicks'R'Us Employees

As well, Glitch Girl attempted to apply to the agency... but that didn't go so well.