The Groundhog

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The Groundhog is a sidekick created by Peter Milan.
Alter Ego: Henry "Hank" Washington
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the Sidekick Squad
Usability: Usable With Permission


Hank Washington, AKA the Groundhog, was an employee of Sidekicks'R'Us who had just been assigned to a net.hero called "The White Bishop" when the Sidekick Squad showed up and explained that the Bishop was actually a net.villain known as The Chessman who had been kidnapping sidekicks and brainwashing them into Zomkicks. They recruited Hank to draw out the Chessman, who KO'd him with gas right before the Sidekicks showed up fightin' mad. After recovering, he teamed up with Roger Rescue for the rest of the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks.

Afterwards, the Sidekick Squad moved into the Chessman's lair. When Vigilante Guy showed up, Hank was one of the ones who voted for him to stay.

When Simon Devious kidnapped basically all of Decibel Dude and Vigilante Guy's supporting casts (which included the Sidekick Squad, so Hank was along for the ride), he was brainwashed into a high school guidance counselor and stuck in a virtual world until Cutlery Lass saved them all.


Snarky, cautious, not too hard to embarrass.

Powers and Abilities

Super-strength, night vision, claws, and a heightened sense of smell.


A tall, powerfully-built young man with thick red hair covering most of his skin.