Vigilante Guy

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Vigilante Guy is a net.hero created by Peter "Tick" Milan.
Alter Ego: Rex Dart
Aliases: Irving Schmendal
Primary Writer: Tick
Status: Member of the LNH; partner of Decibel Dude; romantically involved with Warbabe.
Usability: Reserved


Vigilante Guy was once Irving Schmendal, a humble accountant at Devious Music. When Simon Devious decided to destroy the Legion of Net.Heroes for grins, he took Schmendal and gave him the shiny new personality of "Rex Dart", a cop whose family had been murdered by criminals. Vig attacked Decibel Dude, but after a sound whuppin' he calmed down quite a bit, realized his mistake, and joined the Legion. D-Dude was originally assigned to keep an eye on Vig; they're since moved into a comfortable partnership.


Possessed of the firm belief that there's no problem so big it can't be shot into tiny little bits. Nutcase.

Powers and Abilities

Vig wears a coat which seems to contain every weapon in existence. No one knows why.


The motorcycle cop from Hell, with a long, dirty, black coat.