Frank Marzan

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Frank Marzan is a unsavory businessman created by Peter Milan.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Peter Milan, Marie Antoon, and Mike Escutia
Status: Former head of Sidekicks'R'Us, in jail
Usability: Usable With Permission


When Frank Marzan was a boy, he always wanted to be a sidekick, but it never worked out – not many heroes needed sidekicks, and those who did weren't looking for a scraggly-looking, not-very-athletic delinquent. So he muddled his way through high school and college, saving his money for the business he would open up after he graduated – Sidekicks'R'Us, a job agency for sidekicks.

But the trauma of constant rejection had taken its toll on Marzan, slowly turning him unstable. In turn, Sidekicks'R'Us steadily lost clients as its founder lost ground. Thus, Marzan created the Sidekick Ray, a device to brainwash people into wanting to be sidekicks, and allied himself with The Chessman.

But during the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks, Marzan couldn't keep up with the Chessman's orders. He attempted to use the Sidekick Ray on a wider area, and ended up bathing the city, LNHQ, and Sidekicks'R'Us in the ray – which lead to hundreds of sidekickified sidekicks, all imitating the Burt Ward Robin, overwhelming him. He was arrested and sent to prison, with Sidekicks'R'Us bought out from under him by his business partner.


Slimy and unctuous. Easily infuriated. Blames others for his mistakes.

Powers and Abilities

A somewhat competent and especially ruthless businessman.


Looks more like a biker than a businessman. Long black hair slicked back and hanging down past his shoulders. A spotty complexion. A sharkskin suit and a smile to match.

Speaks in an over-the-top Brooklyn accent.