Echo Lad

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Echo Lad is a sidekick created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Eric Markowan
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of Generation Y, deceased
Usability: Reserved


Echo Lad was hired by Ultimate Ninja from Sidekicks'R'Us as a sidekick for Pliable Lad, so that PL could serve as a role model and EL could keep an eye on the elder net.hero. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out – Pliable Lad wasn't ready to be a role model, and Echo Lad needed more support than that. But they were able to dissolve the partnership amicably and remain friends.

Echo Lad continued working with the LNH, seeking someone new to mentor him. Eventually, he joined Generation Y, finding friends in that team. Unfortunately, this would not last, as it turned out Sidekicks'R'Us wasn't exactly run by the most ethical people...

He was kidnapped by The Chessman and turned into one of the Zomkicks, fighting his former colleagues. But when the Chessman tried to shoot Pliable Lad, Echo Lad snapped out of it, bouncing one of the bullets back on the attacker – and taking the other one in the chest. He died in Pliable Lad's arms, thanking him for being there for him.

But when his brother, Reverb Boy, talked to Pliable Lad for the first time, Echo Lad's spirit appeared. He was given a short, happy time with family and friends before moving on...


Inexperienced but determined. Mild amounts of self-doubt, especially about his voice.

Powers and Abilities

Could cause sound waves to echo back at their source, including sonic weapons.


A young boy wearing a blue-and-green jumpsuit with green circles radiating out from a point on his chest, and a green cape a couple of sizes too big. After joining Generation Y, changed to an all-black bodysuit.

As a side-effect of his powers, had a constant echo effect on his voice.


Brother of Reverb Boy.