Webs Tor

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Webs Tor is a henchman created by Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Time
Primary Writer: Ken Schmidt
Status: Net.villain in custody
Usability: Usable With Permission


Webs Tor was one of Tsar Chasm's henchmen, "created" by him via an unspecified process. Along with Webster, he assisted Tsar Chasm on pretty much all of his plans up until TC's disappearance during Looniverse Adrift!.

Afterwards, Webs Tor became determined to bring him back. He escaped from LNH custody and built the Nutrionic Probability-Manipulator. When it was turned on, it sent a pulse of Improbability Energy through Net.ropolis's electrical system, creating the Alt.Ter.Net.Tives, who stopped Webs Tor's scheme and recaptured him.


Believes in Tsar Chasm's cause, and very much considers him the rightful ruler of the world. Vaguely disdainful of Webster.

Powers and Abilities

Has a selection of artificial powersets based on the dictionary definitions of words ending in -tor. These include:

  • Doctor: Extensive knowledge of first aid. (Is not a surgeon.)
  • Impersonator: Takes on characteristics and shape of any person (but not their powers).
  • Duplicator: Duplicates one person's abilities. (Proximity needed.)
  • Orator: Can give rousing speeches, and has hypnotic and suggestive abilities.
  • Protector: Emits a half-sphere force shield.
  • Anticipator: Can foretell a possible future, but not how probable the occurrence of that future is.
  • Interrogator: Can get information out of anyone.
  • Prestidigitator: Various sleight-of-hand and mystical tricks.

He can store up to four of these, but can only use one at a time.


An unremarkable man with brown hair.