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Webster is a henchman created by Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Ken Schmidt
Status: In custody
Usability: Usable With Permission


Webster was one of Tsar Chasm's henchmen, "created" by him via an unspecified process. Along with Webs Tor, he assisted Tsar Chasm on pretty much all of his plans up until TC disappeared during Looniverse Adrift!.


Faithful to Tsar Chasm, though not as gung-ho as Webs Tor.

Powers and Abilities

Has a selection of artificial powersets based on the dictionary definitions of words ending in -ter. These include:

  • Teleporter: Can teleport self, others, or objects. Uses signal devices for lock-on, but can teleport things he sees to places he knows.
  • Shape-shifter: Can change shape and mass at will.
  • Smelter: Melts metal and ore.
  • Cheater: Knows the quickest, most underhanded way out of a situation.
  • Bean-Counter: Handles finances.
  • Meter: Can measure anything by eyesight; weights, distances, probabilities, etc.
  • Fighter: Very good hand-to-hand fighter; not spectacular, just adequate.
  • Interpreter: Can translate any language (even computer languages).
  • Augmenter: Boosts the abilities of anyone near him. Physical contact increases boost.
  • Recruiter: Assumes new shape. Can convince people to join something.
  • Writer: Takes on the appearance of insert favorite writer here. Can write up a storm.

He can store up to four of these, but can only use one at a time. Teleporter and Shape-shifter are always slotted in.


A very small, young-looking, and disgustingly cute black male.