Steak and Potatoes Man

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Steak and Potatoes Man is a net.hero created by uplink.
Alter Ego: Sam
Aliases: The All-American
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), cook for the LNHQ (Classic)
Usability: Not Reserved


Sam was trained in the Witchery of San as a young boy and became the All-American. Opinionated Lad brought him to the LNH.

When the Legion of Net.Villains attacked the Ultimate Black Hole, he was a member of the team sent to stop them.


The classic all-American hero; seems to be one of those upright overmuscled boy scouts from the Golden Age of comics.

Powers and Abilities

Super strength, invulnerability, flight, and the ability to make any kind of food, as long as it's considered "American". Owns the the Refrigerator of Peril, a monolithic white block that carries every known food in the Looniverse (unless the plot says otherwise).


Is an older man, but still muscular. Wears red, white and blue spandex, with latex serving gloves and plastic booties.


Frat Boy is his former sidekick.