The CrossOver Caper

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The CrossOver Caper is a Classic LNH storyline by Jef Kolodziej, Jameel al Khafiz, Mike Escutia, Hubert Bartels, and Martin Phipps, with a central miniseries that crossed over with All Things Dark and Scary by Josh Geurink, Deja Dude/Master Blaster by Phipps, and LetterinG MaN by Charles FitzGerald.

The Cascaders plot to assimilate alt.comics.lnh! Before the LNH's very eyes, Kid Kirby, Multi-Tasking Man and Old Comics Man disappear! Sing-Along Lass and a team of female LNHers go to rescue them!

(Also, Table, the LumberJerks and the Youngstuds are there.)

Where to Read

The CrossOver Caper can be read on the Eyrie Archive in the Crossovers directory (as CrossOver.Caper.gz).

It was also reposted as part of Arthur Spitzer's "Classic LNH Adventures" series of reposts: