Hubert Bartels

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Hubert Bartels was an early LNH Writer, the creator of Panta and the scribe of Tales of the LNH.

He started out writing net-fiction with alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, where he wrote a series focusing on Nekoko, a character inspired by his interest in catgirls. (Thankfully, Bartels never met Superguy author and future Something Positive creator R.K. Millholland, who has strong opinions on the subject of catgirls.)

He joined the LNH as one of the co-authors of Integrity Quest, and went on to write the Panta miniseries and Tales of the LNH. Tales was one of the most long-running and beloved series in LNH history, and its end in 1999, along with that of Dvandom Force, is thought by many LNH writers to have marked the end of an era.