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alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo is a newsgroup for fiction in the cyberpunk genre, a virtual reality made out of words instead of brain-jacked sim-environments. Historically, it evolved out of RP threads in alt.cyberpunk and alt.callahans much as RACC did out of rec.arts.comics – a storytelling thread that spun out into its own fiction group.

The first post in the newsgroup was made by David Goldfarb. Several other LNH authors were part of the alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo community, including Scavenger, Hubert Bartels, Mark Friedman, and uplink.

In-character, Rebel Yell and Plot King traveled to alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo to look for information about Lurking Lass in 501 Blues: A Lurk of Faith. Plot King's encounter with a whole new realm of storytelling inspired him to explore the Usenetverse. Chatsubo's Shadowknight in turn decided to stake out the LNH after an altercation with Rebel Yell. Netlurker seems to be a native of that world, and Sig.Lad was stranded there briefly while fighting him.

The group was once prodigiously active, and even published two anthologies of its stories. Sadly, it has dwindled over the years. Still, there is the occasional flare of activity, and the group can be read and posted to here.

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