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Netlurker is a cyberpunk created by Mark Friedman.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Many and varied
Primary Writer: Mark Friedman, Dave Van Domelen
Status: For hire
Usability: Usable With Permission


The history of the man known as Netlurker is shrouded in mystery (and not just because he first showed up in chaotic add-on posts). In his first known appearance, he declared his jadedness with both heroes and villains. Thus, it was no surprise that he was willing to assist Acton Lord in his vendetta against Sig.Lad, for a price.

Since then, he has been a contractor for villainy and heroism alike, usually for a significant fee – though he's occasionally been willing to throw in a freebie, if it'll make sure that the existence of the market itself doesn't suffer.


Amoral; works for the highest bidder. Typically sardonic. Never breaks a contract.

Powers and Abilities

Technomystical abilities and knowledge.


It's kinda hard to get a good look at him, being hidden in the shadows and all...


Alt.version of Tymythy Twystyd.

In Sieze Dangerous, he believed he had had a relationship with Lurking Girl, but in 501 Blues: A Lurk of Faith, it was revealed he'd confused her with Lurking Lass.