Lurking Girl

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Lurking Girl is a net.hero created by Tori Fike. For the LNH20 characters, see Lurking Girl I and Lurking Girl II.
Alter Ego: Tori
Aliases: Psylurke, Luri
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), on leave
Usability: Reserved


Lurking Girl was one of the original members of the LNH. Around the time of the Two-and-a-Half Month Gap, she was the LNH's deputy leader under Rebel Yell, and they developed a friendship with loads of early-90s-X-soap-opera romantic tension.

She was crucial to stopping wReamed Acton Lord's plan to trap the LNH in Limbo by sabotaging the Peril Room in Sieze Dangerous, singlehandedly defeating Netlurker.

For a while, her place in the Legion was taken by Lurking Lass, an agent of the Fan.dom of the Alt.ra. Lurking Girl blamed Rebel Yell for not being able to distinguish between herself and Lurking Lass, and so left the LNH. She has not been seen since. She briefly maintained ties with Sig.Lad, but when he died, she went off the grid entirely.


Generally rather upbeat and resourceful. Didn't interact much with her teammates early on, but became more confident over the course of the Legion's early days. She then became bitter toward Rebel Yell following the events of 501 Blues: A Lurk of Faith.

Powers and Abilities

Net.invisibility and desolidification. Can focus "totality of lurking powers" to zap an opponent at close range (her "Lump of Lurk"). In the Cosmic Plot Device Caper period, her natural state was invisible and intangible, especially when trying to get someone's attention, and it took a lot of concentration for her to post or interact with others.


She has dark hair and wears a light blue costume.


Her alternate-universe counterparts include Lurking Girl I of Earth-20 and Slinking Lass of the Rosterverse; her Oddball Legion counterpart has been referred to both as Smirking Girl and LARPing Girl.