WReamed Acton Lord

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wReamed Acton Lord is a net.villain clone created by Dave Van Domelen and wReam. See also Acton Lord.
Alter Ego: Richard Franklins
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: wReam
Status: Deceased
Usability: Usable With Permission


When the original Acton Lord died during the Kinda Big Darkness Saga, GIF.clones of him activated to take his place. But Sig.Lad had interfered with the GIF.clones, and they turned out surprisingly different from the original.

One of these, wReamed Acton Lord, clashed repeatedly with Ultimate Ninja. During Sieze Dangerous, he hired Netlurker to sabotage the newly created Peril Room with the titular artifact, trapping the LNH in Limbo so he could steal their powers. Only Ultimate Ninja, Cheesecake-Eater Lad, and Lurking Girl escaped, and they were able to defeat him.

In the Electrocutioner's Song, working with PrimeClone Acton Lord, he hired the Z-Team to stop the Ultimate Ninja. He also hired a Rent-a-Bimbo, which turned out to be his downfall, because she was actually a disguised Taskani, who sabotaged PrimeClone Acton Lord's computer. He was finally destroyed by the Ultimate Ninja using the concept of Tao, restoring the balance by sending wRAL's Absolute Power into Absolute Nothingness.

During the events of Jungle Cheesecake, in the time of a lunar eclipse, wReamed Acton Lord returned from oblivion to take revenge... and then was immediately killed by Pointless Death Man. Such is life.

But he left behind a legacy— for before she returned to the future, Taskani had become pregnant with his child...


Tends more towards Big Guns and Cosmic Plot Doohickeys than the original Acton Lord. Is more hedonistic, enjoying strange pizza toppings, mint juleps, and objectifying women. (What a jerk.)

Powers and Abilities

Some access to the Corruption Force, but mostly focuses on technological might.


Like the original Acton Lord with an appendectomy scar.


Unlike most versions of Acton Lord, who focus their rivalry on Sig.Lad, wReamed Acton Lord's arch-nemesis was the Ultimate Ninja.