PrimeClone Acton Lord

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PrimeClone Acton Lord is a net.villain clone created by Dave Van Domelen. See also Acton Lord.
Alter Ego: Richard Franklins
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Deceased
Usability: Reserved


When the original Acton Lord died during the Kinda Big Darkness Saga, GIF.clones of him activated to take his place. But Sig.Lad had interfered with the GIF.clones, and they turned out surprisingly different from the original.

One who considered himself the most accurate copy worked from behind the scenes to put various plots into action, including causing the accident that turned one version of Sig.Lad into the original Acton Lord and sending Golden Age Acton Lord back in time to impersonate Sidewinder. When wReamed Acton Lord's plans went awry, PCAL sent in lackeys to distract the LNH and used wRAL's resources to repair the rest of his GIF.clones, updating them to his own template.

He merged with GAAL and faced down Sig.Lad, but with the power of the Sword of Sig and Arthurian myth, was destroyed. But the repaired GIF.clones continued his plans...


The closest to the original Acton Lord (though probably not as close as he'd like to think).

Powers and Abilities

Could make up variants of Acton's Law, fire powerbeams, and corrupt powers.


Almost the same as Acton Lord.