Sieze Dangerous

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Sieze (sic) Dangerous is a Classic LNH story by wReam, preceding his Ultimate Ninja series. (For the titular (correctly spelled) artifact, see Seize Dangerous.)


Ultimate Ninja makes a plan to resolve the issue of the LNH's leadership by having Contraption Man create the Peril Room so the entire LNH can have a battle royale to the (fake) death! What could possibly go wrong? Well, sabotage by Acton Lord and Netlurker for one...

It took place at around the same time as Integrity Quest and has some references to that story. It also was written during the beginning of the Electrocutioner's Song, which has some references to Sieze Dangerous taking place at the same time even though that makes no sense at all... Blame wReamed Acton Lord's plot-corrupting powers.

Where to Read

On the Eyrie Archive as a single file, right over here.