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Taskani is a future net.hero created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Miss Multitask, Bambi
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active in the future
Usability: Free For Use


During Electrocutioner's Song, wReamed Acton Lord hired a... well, let's say companion named Bambi, who he expected to dumbly listen while he prattled on about his plans. In fact, she was a hero from an alt.ernate future (Looniverse-SE, the same future as Contraption Man) who took down wRAL so he couldn't take down the LNH.

She returned to the future with Contraption Man shortly after, and when CM returned, he revealed she was pregnant; eventually, the baby would become wReamicus Maximus (or possibly the Perverticator; that storyline was confusing).

She stayed in the future from there, doing archaeological research to understand the disaster that happened in her timeline. When she found evidence that the Ultimate Ninja might have been the true traitor, she brought it to the Legion...


Highly intelligent.

Powers and Abilities

The ability to do many unrelated activities at once with some degree of super-speed.


Bears a family resemblance to Multi-Tasking Man. Highly attractive, it seems.


Granddaughter of Multi-Tasking Man, who goes to visit her on the holidays.