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The Perverticator is a net.villain created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: wReam
Status: Part (?) of wReamicus Maximus
Usability: Not Reserved


The Perverticator, is, uh. He, um.

Well, he's the son of wReamed Acton Lord and Taskani in the future, and he destroyed the LNH of Looniverse-SE in his father's name. Beyond that, as an embodiment of chaos and a wReam character, it's pretty much impossible to figure out what his deal is.

In Jungle Cheesecake, wReamicus Maximus traveled to the future to take the power of wReamed Acton Lord for himself, and merged with the Perverticator. So he became the Perverticator, or maybe the Perverticator became him... Look, no one really understands that part of the plot.


<fill in>

Powers and Abilities

He is the embodiment of pure wReamEntropic chaos, possessing a wReamized chaotic version of the Corruption Force.


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