Tymythy Twystyd

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Tymythy Twystyd is a metahuman hero created by Mark Friedman.
Alter Ego: Timothy Bose
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Current status unknown, probably in the Raiders Universe and/or deceased
Usability: Reserved


Like many college students, Timothy Bose was interested in expanding his mind. But when he combined psychedelic drugs with meditation techniques, he got more than he bargained for, becoming a powerful mage overnight!

A native of the Raiders Universe, Tym's first entry into the Looniverse was when the Dvandom Stranger called him and the rest of the Raiders in to stop Doublecross. Later, Constellation brought them to the Curseworld to fight Lord Ebon and lift the curse.

When Doug Ellis's dreams sucked Sig.Lad and Kopikat into the Raiders Universe, Tym showed up to help figure things out. A short time later, Acton Lord tried to use the "Bose Effect" which lead to so many alternate universe versions of Tym existing to try and create a chain of alternate Earths which would block the Looniverse off from the Writers; another alt.version – Netlurker – helped Dvandom Force stop him. Later Tym stepped into rescue Rotanna and The VAXX, who'd been sucked into the Looniverse by an experiment trying to recreate his magickal enlightement.

The version of Tym from the ASH universe sacrificed himself as part of a plan to stop a war of the gods from destroying humanity. It hasn't been revealed whether this version made the same choice, but based on the metaphysical mechanics of the act, he probably did.


Snarky and irreverent part-time defender of reality.

Powers and Abilities

Space-warping powers. Mystical spellcasting abilities and knowledge.

It's implied that the source of his powers comes from some level of awareness of himself as a fictional character. (This is probably why he doesn't pop into the Looniverse often, because that's just normal here.)


A scraggly sort of guy who looks like he belongs in an alternative rock band. Very much a '90s kind of cool.


Alt.version of Netlurker.