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Doublecross is a paranormal criminal created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Bennett Rush
Aliases: A lot of 'em
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Trapped in cyberspace
Usability: Reserved


In the Raiders Universe, Bennett Rush was a disgruntled government official assigned to "Warehouse 51", a storehouse of seized supertech and alien hardware. He raided the stores to become the supervillain Doublecross, master of holograms and falsehoods. But a teleporter accident transformed him to living light, and he sought revenge on humanity!

In Paper Tigers, he became trapped in a computer system and accidentally sent himself into the Usenetverse. Gaining Writer-like levels of power, he attempted to take over the Net until the Raiders trapped him in a single system that they collapsed.

Later, Constellation was sent to the Curseworld and discovered that an alternate Bennett Rush had become President of that dark dystopia. However, his body had long ago been taken over by Lord Ebon.

A backup of Doublecross's personality left during Paper Tigers was used by Acton Lord as part of a plan to corrupt Myk-El, but was found out and disintegrated.


Revenge-driven and megalomaniacal.

Powers and Abilities

A photonic being able to inhabit computer systems. Within the Looniverse, had near-Writer-level powers.


Short brown hair, blue eyes, looks like a government agent, even when he's trying not to.