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Myk-El is a net.hero created by Mike Kelly.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Squalor
Primary Writer: None
Status: Exploring the universe
Usability: Not Reserved


Last son of the doomed planet Qwerty (well, other than the rapscallious Dev-Null), Myk-El came to earth in quest of the power of the legendary Red Sunstations which were said to grant his people enormous processing power. But he was too late to save his world, and also the powers weren't that great anyway.

He joined the Legion around the time of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, but didn't do much in it other than get swept up in a Marx Brothers routine.

During Cry.Sig, <things happened, including an evil clone called Squalor>

He began to press Ultimate Ninja to make a move against the LNH traitor Contraption Man had come from the future to warn about, claiming it was Cheesecake-Eater Lad. Ultimate Ninja, Contraption and CEL determined the traitor, of course, was Myk-El himself. Contraption Man gave him an experimental suit imbuing him with red sun radiation, which caused him to Go Mad with Power (tm) and try to murder his teammates, upon which he was killed by Ultimate Ninja.

But this didn't sit right with Sig.Lad, and he and the Secret Dvanders decided to investigate. It turned out that Myk-El's betrayal was a plot – the suit had been sabotaged by a backup of Doublecross controlled by Acton Lord. Acton Lord would gain power from his corruption, and the Time Crapper would hide the fact that Contraption Man was the true traitor, now working for him and helping with his plot to control time itself.

The reveal of Myk-El's innocence threw the Crapper's plans into a tizzy, and he started attempting to retcon Myk-El's past so that he had always been evil. But the interference of wReamicus Maximus meant that all these retcons existed simultaneously, and now a number of alternate-timeline Myk-Els, both good and evil, popped up in the time-warping chaos. One of the good Myk-Els helped VAMMO Woman defeat the Time Crapper. He stuck around after Retcon Hour and went off to explore the universe with her.

Lingering bad feelings over the Myk-El investigation were part of what led the Secret Dvanders to split off from the LNH and become Dvandom Force.


A bit standoffish and enigmatic. (Until he was brainwashed by Acton Lord's manipulations into becoming a cackling villain.) Basically thoughtful and kind, but had difficulty connecting with people.

Powers and Abilities

In theory, Qwertians gain superhumanly fast processing power when exposed to a red SunStation, though according to Dev-Null these powers weren't that great.


<fill in later>


A survivor of a dead world trapped in a world he never made, he never really connected with the LNH and no one knew him all that well, which is maybe why the Secret Dvanders, a team made up of similar outsider-type heroes, decided to stand up for him.

Dev-Null was his enemy throughout his life, but also seemed to respect him more than most of his teammates.


Back in the early days of the LNH, there were a number of flamewars over the subject of crossposting LNH stories to rec.arts.comics.misc. Mike Kelly, Myk-El's Writer, took the side that frowned upon the crossposting, which caused some bad blood between him and various other LNH writers of the time.

In Ultimate Ninja #5, wReam used Myk-El without Mike Kelly's permission, making him the traitor Contraption Man had warned of and killing him off. This was approved by other members of the Council of Elders, with the exception of Dave Van Domelen, who resigned from the Council and wrote Constellation #27, in which it's revealed that Myk-El wasn't the traitor. This lead to more flamewars, the dissolution of the Council, and Retcon Hour.