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LetterinG MaN is a net.hero created by Charles FitzGerald.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Charles FitzGerald
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


A member of the LNH since before his first story, he gained his own series and the editors of Mi-T Big Comix immediately started messing with him. Nevertheless, he set about defeating the various net.dangers plaguing Net.ropolis. However, eventually, the editor got tired of his grumbling and kicked him out of his own comic!

In truth, it turned out that Mi-T Big Comix was run by the LNH's old enemies, Defacto and Harass the Horrendous! When Harass took over, Defacto plead for LetterinG MaN's help, and he returned in triumph!

He joined a new subgroup, dedicated to investigating a mysterious disappearance... and was never seen again. (As far as we can tell, anyway; if his writer comes back, he can let us know what happened.)[1]


Enthusiastic about heroing and delighted to help! Grumbly about his comic being messed around with. Occasionally a bit dense (or more than a bit, when it comes to romance).

Powers and Abilities

Originally, he had the ability to change the emphasis of other people's statements. After the editors messed with him, he gained the ability to attack with stylized lettering; for example, slicing thru a test robot with a sentence rendered in big, black-and-blue letters. When he was brought back, he regained his original powers, boosted to allow him to fully rearrange those statements.


A man with blonde hair.

His original costume was purple spandex with a green cape and a large letter "L" on his chest. When New Look Lass and the editors were done with him, he wore blue spandex with a large yellow circle on the chest, inside which were the letters "LM" intertwined in red. With this, he wore a red cape, which flowed out behind him despite the total absence of wind.


aLLiterative Lass was his crimefighting partner.



  1. He's been mentioned since as a member of the LNH exactly once, in LNH Comics Presents #505, but it was part of a gag in the midst of a story that had the whole roster of the LNH taking care of emergencies across the Loonited States.