Old Comics Man

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Old Comics Man is a net.hero created by an unknown writer.
Alter Ego: Jim Travis
Aliases: Commander Comics
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Classics Squad, sometime member of the Challengers of the Abominable
Usability: Not Reserved


Old Comics Man has been a net.hero since the Golden Age, back when he was known as Commander Comics. He knew Pocket Man when he was a boy. He was a former member of the WWII-era Classics Squad alongside Golden Man, Golden Lord and others. As a member of the post-war Challengers of the Abominable, he battled Y.E.T.I., but became the final host for Sasquatch Prime herself!

He was frozen in a block of ice until the modern age, when he was freed by Sig.Lad and became a member in good, if grumbly, standing of the LNH.


Grouchy, usually telling "whippersnappers" about when he was their age.

Powers and Abilities

Able to bring back memories of Golden and Silver Age times. Due to his use of the Super Geezer formula, he has the strength and stamina of someone half his age – though he still resembles a prune.


An old man wearing a simplistically designed yellow costume in a Golden Age style.


90s Comics Kid is his alternate-future child (or "spawn" as they'd no doubt say).