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Powernaut is a recurring heroic identity created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: typically Paul Poderr
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Active in the Superhuman World and many versions of its past
Usability: Reserved, but Usable With Permission


In the Superhuman World, many heroes of the 20th and 21st centuries have called themselves the Powernaut. Different Powernauts have been sighted with origins in 1912, 1941, 1955, 1968, 1987, and 2005. They all seem to share a single history, but that history differs from that of the people who observe them.

In fact, the Powernauts exist in fractal time, a type of temporal existence which crosses over with the "normal" timeline but has large (in theory, fractally infinite) parts which exist outside of it. The Powernauts' history is shaped by events that didn't happen, like a manned Mars mission in the '60s, or Classic LNH and LNH20 characters fighting together in World War II.

During WikiLull, a faction within the Council of Ordered Realities created artificial Powernaut identities and used them to empower Skrajny the Multinaut. However, in an unpublished chapter, the Powernauts taught him the ethics of power.

Powers and Abilities

Powernauts have gotten more powerful over the decades. Powernaut 1912 had peak human power, but by 1941 he could leap the English Channel. By 1955 he had super-vision and could withstand an explosion or an attack by crocodiles. Powernauts have been able to fly under their own power since 1962. The modern-day Powernaut is as powerful as he wishes to be; he has explored his upper limits by creating a new Earth for refugees of the Superhuman World.

But most importantly, every Powernaut understands every superhuman power he is exposed to. Powernauts do not absorb these powers, but they instinctively know the powers' limitations.


Many of the Powernauts (particularly in 1941 and 2005) have been somewhat goofy and easily distracted. However, they all rise to their occasions, and they are all heroic to a fault.


Powernauts typically dress in blue with yellow trim, usually a poncho or cape.


Powernaut stories typically take place outside of LNH continuity, in the Superhuman World imprint. However, these stories feature crossovers with the Legion.