Council of Ordered Realities

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When the universes of the Superhuman World's multiverse (other than the chaos realms) started interacting, their representatives found it convenient to establish a mutual assembly at a convenient gathering point. The assembly was called the Council of Ordered Realities.


Traditionally, Ordered Realities is gridlocked about external interventions. Even sending an observer requires some debate. They usually ignore realities until those realities send representatives. Those representatives then get assigned seats in a large Congress of Ordered Realities. The Council is restricted to twelve seats, the most powerful members of the Congress.

Behind the gridlock, there lies political factionism. One faction, the Bricklayers, is based on a sort of imperial expansion; it is led by ruling class of the Council's former homeworld (Earth-TW01, AKA "Earth-Polonaise"), which is still a member of the Council. Another faction, the Quebecois, is based on a loose alliance of free-thinkers and free-wheeling traders, including the Council's current homeworld (Earth-MW02). While Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson is officially a neutral force aligned with no Earth, it is an open secret that his sympathies are with the Quebecois.


The Council originally established itself on an Earth where science prevailed and Poland was the main power. During a multi-universal war, its capital city of Warsaw was plucked from that Earth and placed in an alternate Quebec where magic prevails. The city is now known as Warsaw-Saint-Lawrence-MW02.

The Council has always been a center for superhuman power politics. For some reason, it seems to attract more villains (or at least anti-heroes) than heroes, especially Lawful Evil/Neutral types.

Starting with the RACCies awarded for the year 2011, the Council's leader, Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson, began investigating the LNH universes. Psychovant the Duck has been one of the investigators, but has heavily intervened in LNH affairs. It is entirely likely the Chancellor planned this, as a way around the gridlock against overt intervention.

During WikiLull, the Chancellor's rivals planned their own, similar moves. Among the Bricklayers, an agent was sent to induct Looniverse-A into the Council so that it could be mined for Metatronium – an agent with four synthetic Powernaut powersets, known as Skrajny the Multinaut! However, due to the influence of the true Powernauts, Skrajny broke from the Council and kept the technology, leaving the balance of power in favor of the Quebecois...

Powers and Abilities

Ordered Realities has defenses against extra-dimensional visitors arriving directly into their capital city. Unregistered visitors are shunted to "badge stations", about 1000 kilometers distant. The busiest is Brantford-Ontario; savvy omniversal tourists arrive beyond there, and then go there for the most efficient processing. Other stations exist at Moosonee-Ontario and Port-aux-Basques-Newfoundland; these are used as isolation stations for immigrants. Especially troublesome visitors may be redirected to Baltimore-Maryland, within the United States which is still undergoing civil unrest within this world. The Council maintains a United States monitor station at Rehoboth-Beach-Delaware, and barricade stations centered at Champlain-New-York.

Ordered Realities has incredible ability to erect barriers between realities. They have used these to isolate Earth-SW10 ("Superhuman World 10"). They may be able to deploy these barriers against any world in their multiverse, or even beyond. Only the most powerful superhumans in any world can pierce these barriers; they may bring hundreds of thousands of people (at least 144,000) with them, but the barriers still seal behind them with their original strength.

Ordered Realities has access to the most powerful beings from across realities. Many of these have agreed to serve in their defense forces. The forces are currently strong in radiation mutants (of "Hulk"-level strength) and underwater Earth-residents (of great agility and "Aquaman"-level strength). Any number of other minion-level superhumans may also be present. Any number of other commander-level superhumans may be waiting in Warsaw-St.Lawrence and available to reinforce. At last count, Ordered Realities had fifty-two worlds to draw upon. It has voluntarily restricted its own access, to include only those alternate Earths which the alien migratory species "The Trillions" has not reached. (The Trillions did reach the member world Earth-SW10, but they have been repelled; therefore, Earth-SW10 remains a member world.)

Categorization System

Ordered Realities categorizes its member worlds as SW (Superhuman World), MW (Mystic World), and TW (Tech World). Non-mystic superhumans qualify as SW, then mystics as MW. TW is None of the Above. Earth-SW10 and Earth-SW12 are labeled under this system.