Skrajny the Multinaut

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Skrajny the Multinaut is a interdimensional hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Kacper Mazur
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active in the Classic Looniverse
Usability: Not Reserved


Kacper Mazur was a member of the Bricklayer faction of the Council of Ordered Realities, serving as a member of their military. His superiors sent him on a secret mission, going to the Loonivearth in order to gather evidence that would convince the Congress of the Council to occupy that world, giving him the identity of Skrajny the Multinaut and supplying him with four artificial Powernaut identities.

But this was during the attack of the planet Neme.sys upon the Loonivearth, and he ended up fighting against its malign influence, alongside not only the net.heroes, but the Powernauts. From them, he learned the ethics of power and the failings of empire, and deserted his post in the Council's forces, preferring to stay in the Looniverse and make whatever difference he could.


A bit shy and unsure, but dedicated and determined when he's focused on a good cause.

Powers and Abilities

Wielded the power of four Idoloid Powerbars, multidimensional computers each simulating an artificial Powernaut identity. They're mentally keyed to four different definitions of the word 'power', and he could use those powers as long as he emotionally engaged with each definition.

At one point, these were split up among a team of four, including Token Girl.


A scrawny young man of Polish descent with long hair dyed bright blue and long nails.

His costume as Skrajny was a blue-and-yellow jumpsuit with a gunmetal chestplate that had four crystal rectangles mounted on it. In civilian mode, he wears casual clothes, often in that same color pattern.