Psychovant the Duck

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Psychovant the Duck is a anti-hero created by Scott Eiler. His favorite music is Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Active in the Superhuman World and many alternate universes
Usability: Not Reserved


Psychovant the Duck is a cyborg duck, created as a personal assistant to billionaire tycoon Mal Dunevoy. The duck was subsequently possessed by a demon with cartoonish characteristics.

He hops around time and space, generally acting like a rude tourist. The Council of Ordered Realities attached an eavesdropping device to him and have been using him to spy on the RACC multiverses. He's aware of this but thinks it's funny, and makes snarky comments into their official records.

At one point, he decided to help the LNH finish their damn cascades already. Getting a Kubrik's Kube, he jumped around the Omnilooniverse – until Atomic Rabbit caught up with him, accusing him of cosmic irresponsibility (which, yeah) and attacking him with his own Kube. When the cosmic powers met, Psychovant and the Rabbit seemed to flash out of existence, flung off to strange adventures in other worlds...

Both reappeared after Just Another Cascade ended, and Psychovant went back to Earth-Thai-Schoolgirl for a lengthy massage. But after the RACCies of 2015, Psychovant has returned to action alongside Spanker 4 and the Doom Bear... Psychovant's Terrible Three!

Over on Earth-20, Psychovant has licensed his image for a Saturday morning cartoon series. He defends his trademark zealously, at least when it comes to net.villainous imitators.

When the sabertooth virus hit, Psychovant dropped off Swedish brawler Imperilus to confront the sabertooths! He's helping, or so one supposes.


Psychovant! (by Scott Eiler)

Psychovant has the sort of personality one would expect from a cyborg cartoon demon duck. The best that can be said of him is, he's usually too involved in irreverent debauchery to thrash people – unless they seriously need a thrashing.

Powers and Abilities

Psychovant has almost any power one can imagine a cartoon, demon, duck, or nuclear-powered cyborg having. He can travel between universes under his own power.


Psychovant can change his shape, even to appear human. But he typically takes the shape of a demon duck, roughly the size of a cartoon animal character.


Psychovant originates outside of LNH continuity, in the Superhuman World imprint. However, statistically speaking, most of his stories involve the LNH! These LNH stories feature crossovers between Psychovant and the Legion.