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Power School is a school on Earth-SW12, an offshoot of the Superhuman World. It trains new heroes, as well as those who are in some way related to heroes. It's located in Power City, Oregon, along the Columbia River.

The Power School's biggest rivals are the Legion of Net.ropolis High, another school for heroes on Earth-SW12 whose student body consists of alternate versions of LNH characters. In Power School 2013, they played a spirited game of Battle Chess – only to find a greater game at hand!

Power School is now Usable With Permission.


As of 2013, the Power School has four classes of up to six students apiece. This is a partial list of the students.

Class One

  • Paulie (or Pauly) Poderr. Son of Principal Powernaut (1941) and Math Teacher Paula Power. Paulie has no superhuman powers at present. However, he has a fine analytic mind. He's empathetic also.
  • Candy Coach. Vicki Hosea-Autonomus. Daughter of celebrities, Lucianus Autonomus and Vara Hosea. Vicki has the power to summon candy.
  • Megaphone (a.k.a. Megaphone Junior). Clone offspring of the future genetic warrior Megaphone. The original Megaphone escaped to the past, from his future Earthling regime. His clone son eventually did likewise. Megaphone has enhanced reflexes, a cyber-jumping suit, and really loud speakers. (Megaphone created by Bernie Lisewski.)
  • Hipolyta. Daughter of the ageless warrior-queen Zenobia. Zenobia remains on Earth-SW10 to fight the good fight, but she has sent her daughter to the Powernauts' Earth-SW12 for safe keeping. Hipolyta has above average human statistics in every measurable category. She may already cross into superhuman in some categories, especially reflex. And she's still maturing.
  • Titan (a.k.a. Titan Junior). The original Titan is a "Green" alien (of the kind that is associated with flying saucers). He was banished to Earth in the 1990s. There he got the powers to grow and shrink; his species can impart these powers (as seen in some old Powernaut comics). He somehow combined genetic material with an Earthling, and left his son for the brood farms of Venus to raise. The new Titan has inherited a smaller range of his father's powers, but is also highly strong and agile. (Titan created by Ray Conrad.)
  • Intensity. Amy Jones. For unexplained reasons, Amy has exhibited superhuman strength since the age of six. She's been placed in Power School ever since.

Class Two

  • Dom. Dominic di Valentino. Dom is an especially precocious student, from metro Chicago. He's been inducted into Power School, because they think he's likely to develop his own battle armor or something.
  • Dufus. Rufus Mialta. Like Dom, Rufus is from metro Chicago. He is an inseparable friend of Dominic; Dom insisted they go to school together. Dufus has no apparent powers. He may have Down's Syndrome. But he gets along great with the Power School's janitor, who is often referred to as "Losernaut".
  • Boss Cat. Sara Parker. Sara has cat-like powers, plus mystic empathy with cats. As might be imagined, she has nothing to do with the school Battle Chess team.

Class Three

  • Pizza Fu. A sentient dog, raised by Doctor Fu on a nearby ranch. Pizza Fu is fixated on treats. But he has high human-level computer and martial arts skills.
  • Thor Boy. David Niyantha. Earth-SW12 has a history of claimants to Thorpower, and he is the latest. As a Thor, he has at least mid-level superhuman strength, wields a supernatural war hammer, and has control over lightning.

Class Four

  • The Vampire Jane. Jane Simon. Jane is the daughter of Mark Simon, the famous heroic Pirate Vampire King Leo. Jane has traditional vampire powers, plus great sunscreen; she can move about during the day. (Leo created by Ray Conrad.)
  • Colossal Girl. Latisha Shawna. Latisha is a girl from the housing projects in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She got involved in riots there, in 2010. In 2011, she did not hesitate to come to the Powernauts' world. Latisha can grow to heights of about 120 feet. But she only maintains muscle control to about 60 feet.


Power School teachers are not certified; they operate under Oregon home school license. However, they give their students the benefit of some massive life experience.


  • Director Powernaut. Jeffrey Goldblatt, the Powernaut of 1987. Teaches liberal arts, and directs the school play.


As of 2014, Professor Powernaut and Coach Powernaut were on extended space mission. These superhumans have been brought in as substitutes.

  • Lucianus Autonomus. Superhuman boxer with magic powers. Teaches Phys. Ed. and Power Class.
  • Vara Hosea. Rock star with magic powers. Teaches Music, and is the acting office admin.
  • Doctor Lithium. Joe-Bob Carswell. Vagrant with flame powers. Teaches science. (Doctor Lithium created by Doug Robinson.)