Atomic Rabbit

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Atomic Rabbit is a toon hero created by Al Fago, and adapted for the LNH by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Atomic Bunny
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active somewhere out in the Usenetverse
Usability: Free For Use


Atomic Rabbit #1. Cover by Al Fago. Pencil scribblings by Karen... looks like Jenyer?

Atomic Rabbit – the greatest hero of the Tooniverse! An upstanding avenger thru many an exciting adventure, including a battle against evil Nazi Valkyries! (See President Evil #6.)

But when Psychovant the Duck came, he disrupted the balance of Drama and Comedy! Atomic Rabbit took the Drama into himself to save it – but it warped him, causing the very uranium carrots that gave him his power to begin killing him from radiation poisoning!

He was put into the Hiatus Zone until they could find a cure, but pulled out prematurely to go after Psychovant. He tracked the duck down to the Looniverse and counted up his sins before unleashing his secret weapon – the very Kubrik's Kube that had uplifted his civilization. But Psychovant had his own Kube. In the showdown, the energies of the Kubes interacted unpredictably, building greater and greater until they both vanished...

...and ended up in Earth-TW03, a.k.a. Turkworld, part of the Superhuman World's multiverse. The reality transition had depowered our hero, left him far from the Kube, turned him into a non-anthropomorphic rabbit – and worst of all, changed his name to "Atomic Bunny". He got caught up in a power struggle between American rebels, their Turkish overlords, an interdimensional Super-Savior, and a pair of Monster Bees. But a cosmic reboot restored him to full power – and naturally enough, he saved the day!

With his powers restored, Atomic Rabbit has since departed – presumably homeward. But he could be anywhere...


Straightforwardly, square-jawed-ly heroic (even though his jaw is adorably rounded and scritchable).

Powers and Abilities

Flight, super-strength, and possibly others, all activated by eating U-235 carrots. Has carried the nigh-infinite cosmic power and knowledge of the Kubrik's Kube.


A black rabbit, mildly anthropomorphic, with a cape and the letters "AR" on its chest.


Atomic Rabbit is based on the Golden Age comics character of the same name, who fell into the public domain; see his Public Domain Superheroes wiki page here. He was adapted to the LNH by Jeanne Morningstar.